MSK Group is a multidisciplinary and international family corporation that employs over 400 people from several fields of expertise. The mother company together with its four subsidiaries offers a wide range of different kinds of positions.

MSK Cabins, a subsidiary of MSK Group, is an international manufacturing company specialized in machinery cabin production and is constantly looking for new talents. Over 50 cabins to over 75 countries are produced daily and that's why we value:

  • the eagerness to develop your skills and everything you set your mind to
  • enthusiasm to take matters in your own hands and take things forward
  • genuine respect for your co-workers

MSK Cabins is looking for qualified welders, assemblers and production developers to work with the efficient manufacturing process and the newest technology.

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Career stories

Careers at the MSK Group are typically long because motivated employees are taken care of. It's easy to enjoy working here because the family corporation listens to and respects its employees. Career possibilities are endless as changing positions between the subsidiaries is always an option.