The production process of MSK Cabins has been shaped to be extremely flexible and fast. The process consists of for example the following stages.

Tube bending

The fully automatized tube bending unit of MSK Cabins produces components fast, accurately and cost-effectively.

The robot cell minimizes variations in quality and size and bends, cuts, measures, crops and loads the parts.


Because each component is a unique part of the cabin, MSK Cabins utilizes both modern robot production and professional hand work in welding. Robotized welding minimizes quality variation and enables a steady, predictable productivity.

Automation and competence supported by efficient and flexible internal logistics guarantee a high quality and a cost efficient cabin frame.


Cost efficiently and precisely produced customized components are assembled at the long assembly line.

Constant development and efficient internal and external logistics make the assembly stage of MSK Cabins extremely effective.

Quality control

Automation and know-how are the secrets of the polished and consistent quality of MSK Cabins. Quality control utilizes modern measuring and 3D modelling.

A close customer relationship and continuous development are the corner stones of reliable deliveries and ensuring the quality of the end product. MSK Cabins is also using the certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 environmental quality systems.